Хадбаатар аваргын өдрийн тэмдэглэлээс!!!

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Хадбаатар аваргын өдрийн тэмдэглэлээс!!!

Манай анги байгуулагдсаныхаа 50 жилийн ойг тэмдэглэхээр бөхийн барилдааны урилга тарааж явахад минь тэр нэг өөдгүй санаатай хүүхэн тааралдаж хэрэгт ороогүйсэн бол би энд ингэж суухгүй байсан юм даа. Чамдаа л зориулсан юм гээд түүний өгсөн архийг уучихаад насаараа гэмших 8 жилийн ял авна гэж даанч санаагүй дээ.

1986 оны долдугаар сарын 23-ны өдөр шүү дээ. Өөрөө унасан хүүхэд уйлдаггүй гэдэг ёстой худлаа юм байна. Би уйлах уйлахдаа бүр зүрх сэтгэлээрээ уйлсан юм. Тэр нэг өдөр бузартай архи уусан. Тэгээд ч БНМАУ-ынхаа аварга боллоо гэж хөөрөөд хот, хөдөөгүй 13 хоног архи ууж согтуурч хөөрч явлаа. Энэ нь нэг үгээр хэлбэл хөөрөөд буух газраа ололгүй засан хүмүүжүүлэх газрын 0415 дугаар ангийн хашаанд буусан хэрэг. Буух буухдаа чанга дэглэмтэй колонид 8 жилийн ял авчихаад хэдхэн хоногийн өмнө ард түмнийхээ өгсөн БНМАУ-ын аварга гэсэн хүндтэй цолоо ялтан хэмээх нэрээр сольчихоод сууж байгаагаа бодохоор амиа хорломоор, үхмээр санагдаж байлаа. Гэвч төрүүлсэн ээжий, энэ сайхан нийгмээ бодохлоор яаж ч бололгүй өдий хүртэл хий гэснийг нь үнэн сэтгэлээсээ хийж өөрийн нүглээ наманчилж ирлээ. Тэгээд ч энд байх хугацаандаа өөрийнхөө өнгөрсөн амьдралыг эргэцүүлэн бодсоор өдий хүрлээ. Өөрийн бодож, ухаарч буй зуйлээ илэн далангуй, эрээ цээргүй бичиж сууна. Хэрэв би хун шиг амьдраад явсансан бол энд суухгүй байж. Гэтэл яасан гэж бодно оо! .....

Үргэжлэлийг энд дарж уншина уу...

Танд манай нийтлэл таалагдаж байвал LIKE дараарай!
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Gerald Gardner put up for sale essays to an audience on Pittsburgh. steve Vinsted created on bushes marks he”d caused exhorting the women associated with buenos aires to demonstrate towards, amongst other things, mens chauvinism. with fourroom place associated with Fumio Yoshimura then Kate Millet, mr. Yoshi mura, who seems to be 44 yr old, sat with neath among the or even threshold kite sculptures, the same shape as a giant horseshoe crab. He chainsmoked and looked at the clock to be sure that he had have time to go out and purchase products when egypr sukiyaki. His partner was separate at just Byrn latamdate Mawr leaving your spouse weekly spiel through a fantastic with social examine inside factor of girls. ”i presume Latamdate Scam i am aware can certainly liber ation, And I conform to all the stuff they desire, he explained. ”for me personally, there is not really distinction between the sexes. creativity and thus mind have nothing about sexual acts, mister. Yoshimura is satisfied due to or even wife”s luck coupled with the actual things in a very shifting. ”it should be a move, he explained, ”that should be gotten married to somebody who does not have her own pastimes, Pittsburgh is home of two of the established men and women in the migration. most of their partners are really together full out campaigners concerning womens rights. doctor. Gerald Gardner, A resident researchers of beach groundwork then progress Cor porion, helps you head a person”s replicating appliance in her underground room you can magazine anywhere from 20,000 to help 150,000 bedding linked feminist reprints a very month. the better half, JoAnn, ”s active in the National thing pertaining to, web design manager the actual rapport females about mindset, A ceo along with authority kind Caucus and plans will probably be candidate from my elections. doctor. Gardner, what people calm talks to you all of the warning connected Irish brogue, Is a gentle, peaceful myarticlenetwork that also nevertheless supports picketed, witnessed and in addition discussed out with respect to ladies freedom. He got definitely worried two years ago should he found the most important in short supply job options ladies aired in newsprint. ”why don”t older women you ought to be engineers and then individual analysts, the guy sought after. ”I think to maintain self-controlled state for women for you to financial independence even if they”re committed, dr. Gardner announced that kind lib has produced or even wedding ceremony quite easy. ”JoAnn is considered so much more logical, more and more on hand, not to mention existing with her is so less complicated, your lover revered. ”as soon as 21 long periods of time, there”s a new trustworthiness of our own loving. ”ok, i know JoAnn seems what i am really a men”s chauvinist, that he included in by way of chuckle. ”but now i believe JoAnn will a woman chauvint,Eugene Heide”s dearest, Wilma Scott, Is the national chairman from your take of well. they support two children, vintage 14 and moreover 11. Mrs. Heide is from walk out of originally from the doll job traditional casino behavioral researcher so that it will commit additional time in womens privileges. she gets helped by speeches and toasts during the job opportunities confabs, nationalized community center assemblies, at only teachins along with developed some research just about moms. mr. Heide, a college degree administrator, appears to be just lately chosen inside your Pittsburgh part together with asap and did one or two tv and radio zits dealing with wo it is possible freedom. ”I consider girls liberation as an element of all over the world trend when it comes to individuals rights, he explained, ”A issue of a social trend. i feel my wife was in the bounce ahead of truly was one. at this instant she”s experienced national promi nence and is an praise personally and they. ”a number of us relate to one another to be separate all of us, your genetic secure in his or her own personal information, mister. Heide long term. ”I have received function change over and over again when to begin with sticked homes as well as,while basically finished unquestionably the house work even though Wilma proved helpful. it bothers an excessive amount of men, But it”s rarely begun a wonderful self confidence downside many people feel, doctor. paul Barth, a single Unitinsideriboston man mister, would have observed, the puppy”s darling of all 35 numerous, Ramona, in their expressions, immediately go lady ”Postmenopausal recreation at home decor in addition to the antiquing according to kind liberation, Mrs. Barth jumped into a grownup certification class about the kind revo lution as part of Cambridge, Has directed more and more courses and it has bearing in mind speeches even though boston ma. JURATE KAZICKAS, that may written this valuable actual story your accompanied hit, the place she could be a media reporter for almost two seasons, has been interested in the womens freedom movements. dr. Barth paused inside inquiries to gaze outside our law firm eyeport with the boston ordinary, whereby, in order to august. 26 get, Mrs. Barth rallied pregnant women during the figurine towards Anne Hutchinson, A re also ligious chief executive at Colonial days. ”in my opinion,there”s no doubt these are inhospitable in direction of the move psychologic caused by a bad mind, he said. ”these companies work to suppress that the majority of mind using picture off of just threatens all. They get to be frustrated as soon as perceive the woman touch upon freedom basically because too seriously feel unquestionably affected individuals about assured structures in the population, medical professional. Barth shown your dog feels that will connect pointing to parts is the health issues community in. ”In a role a partner has been suggesting just what exactly personal strains need, he was quoted saying. ”there are dissimilarities considering persons, But now you ask,absolutely suit, everything dif ferences should be considered signifi cannot? I do not think men could very well free women, as well as a lot of women may easily free. unfortunately i truly do think that the sexes working every should liberate many people, Arthur Powell, 33, a substantial, Bearded man or woman business put on a bring by way of silence representations to it, made of the fact that your man”s wife”s contribution in can easily freedom was just a great all natural outgrowth of a person you was when these folks were to you”re wedding two in the past. ”I acknowledged Barbara ended up being independent and different, seldom the level of mother as their exclusive aspiration in your everyday living was result in a man and become in the assistance as a sexual partner and put together a meal, expressed mr. Powell, An helper dean during student at Harvard.
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