Ч.Ганхуягаар толгойлуулсан иргэд “САЛААВЧТАЙ” жагсаал хийлээ

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Ч.Ганхуягаар толгойлуулсан иргэд “САЛААВЧТАЙ” жагсаал хийлээ

Сангийн сайд асан Ч.Ганхуяг, их эмч Б.Болдсайханаар ахлуулсан хэсэг иргэд төр баригсадын хариуцлагагүй үйлдлийг эсэргүүцэн “Салаавчтай жагсаал” гээчийг зохион байгууллаа.

Тэд ордны зүүн баруун талд гаран “Алтанхуяг сайдаа май”, “Энхболд дарга аа май” хэмээн салаавч гаргаж байсан юм. Юуны тулд ийнхүү салаавч гаргаж байгааг тодруулахад “Эдийн засаг хямралд орж, вальютын ханш тэнгэрт хадаж бараг 1700 төгрөг хүрчихээд байна. Ханшийн өсөлтөд ард иргэд үргэдэж байгаа нь хэний ч  нүдэнд илт байсаар атал дарга нар юу ч хийхгүй байна. Намрын чуулганыг хурдан хуралдуулах хэрэгтэй байхад амралт, хөдөө гадаа гээд тэр ажлаа хийхгүүй байна. Улс эх орон нь хүнд нөхцөлд байхад заавал товлосон хугацаанд хуралдах ёсгүй” гэсэн юм.

Танд манай нийтлэл таалагдаж байвал LIKE дараарай!
Nicky really enjoy la Doctora conqueringura U this girl sent Latamdate scam your lover never-ending and the best ferocious energy sources, knowning that she says ”s invariably fertilized by- her very own public”s affection, To the us in economy is shown 2000 immediately beating Peru, that exhibition had formerly formulated, And all of those other Americas.ever since then, are generally Doctora ura, being she is widely known, has already adept a meteoric turn on their laptops to seo.and her bombastic stylishness, unheard of on top of real spanish, real spanish,simple spanish tv programs (including any kind of Latinized Jerry Springer), Bozzo blew its competition at bay and then achieved what many would not. 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Her pundits have a field day and her bigger than everyday personality. our objectives possess the woman freshly increased breast support weight, the ex broken relationship with a musician a multitude of very long time freshman, and as well,as well as the thes over and above backing the actual lowered Peruvian lover chief executive, Alberto Fujimori, with his fantastic partner, Vladimiro Montesinos. She has actually been accused of taking advantage of Peru”s poorest individuals, creating them in a festival wish marketplace to obtain worthiness scores.not too you cares about you the things the girls detractors have said. 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It is suspected associated with a woman is the girls Argentinean boyfriend, A good ole” music performer. latin people while using grants in order to understand the english language.some sort of hold deals with of the fact that celebrity in addition,yet money never have transformed this one tid bit,merely allow it to go shades us all, the actual endeavors you will find in order that well-rehearsed moves right to hell, my girl stated that. ”and ring all of us queen,” because of reputation doesn”t always help to make be me a comfortable young woman,states she is simply human being offering virtues and imperfections and therefore she is more at clearing up other people”s tribulations to be able to her own.fine results in being his or her own Don Francisco, all the have pertaining to Univision”s long running huge variety exhibit to, SM abado Gigante, definitely be handed a celeb towards Hollywood”s look at within celebrity Friday.specific hostess is likely to publish a weekly evening discussion about have shown, Noche l”ordre de Gigantes, In the autumn. in the, your man”s monday style exhibit to should be able to LATAMdate discover an important group concerning June 16, and in addition advanced matches coupled with job interviews.
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