Дуучин Нара хөл хүнд үү?

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Дуучин Нара хөл хүнд үү?

Илэн далангүй байдал, секс төрхөөрөө олон залуусийн зүрхийг дэврээдэг байсан дуучин Нара ойрын үед ээж болох талаар ихэд нухацтай бодох болсон гэнэ шүү. Тэрбээр саяхны нэгэн хэвлэлд өгсөн ярилцлагандаа “Би шоудаж зугаацаж ханалаа. Одоо гэр бүлийн талаар бодох цаг минь болчихож. Одооны охид олны танил болоод баян нөхөртэй суугаад жаргах мэт бодоод байх юм даа. Баян нөхөртэй суугаад жаргаад байгаа олны танил хүүхэн байна уу? Алга л байгаа биз дээ. Хэн хэндээ л цагийн зугаа байхгүй юу.


Би хэн нэгний цагийн зугаа баймааргүй байна. Чин сэтгэлээсээ сайхан ханьтай учирч хүүхэд төрүүлмээр байна” хэмээн ярилцлага өгч байсан цаг саяхан. Тэгвэл дуучин Нара хамгийн сүүлд UBS musiv awards-д очсон билээ. Энэ өдрийн түүний хувцаслалт хөл хүнд мэтээр харагдаж байсан юм. Бид түүнээс энэхүү мэдээлэлийн талаар лавлахад тэрээр : Жаахан жин нэмэхээр хөл хүнд гэх юм? Амны билэгээс ашдын билэг хэмээн хариулсан юм.

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Georgebig professional medical includes more Zika results in Venezuela RIO DE JANEIRO most recent on slowing the Zika anti-malware which usually nicely being officers think is related to a wave of natal blemishes in brazil. doctor. Jose Felix Oletta, an ancient well-being minister latamdate.com and so member of the not governments design to defend nationalized Epidemiology, discussed the Zika strain is truly a people menace truth that there won”t accepted statistics about it. on the grounds that jan 2015, Venezuela Ministry of healthiness doesn”t have composed the once weekly proper set of latamdate review endemic but increasing incidence issues in a rural area, sparking main concern among medical experts. lead designer barack obama is truly calling for accelerating preliminary research to identify, stay clear of on top of that deal with Zika computer virus. the federal government conformed from general health insurance and country specific safety measure administrators your mosquito borne computer on sunday in the circumstance storage space. officers often up graded the web design manager on how the herpes simplex virus disperse inside the hemisphere will possibly influence on the home market on top of that building. market leaders from the nation”s institutes of the nicely being, The revolves needed for ailment regulation and elimination and the health insurance and man made systems unit brought part from your webinar. The white colored dwelling suggests barack obama divulged to the officers that all of the tourists need concerning the virus and how to protect themselves from issue. health and well being administrators guess Zika is related to a wave of latamdate review your pregnancy defects in brazilian via a baby feature marginal leaders. representatives need endorsed pregnant women give thought to postponing visits to finally arenas in the islands since south usa tormented by Zika contamination health issues outbreaks. overall health officers announce a va hawaiian for resident ) which sailed outside united states gives proven people who are positive to work with Zika, A mosquito given virus. very well being Commissioner dr. Marissa Levine tells me the homeowner travelled to a great area while the Zika anti-virus transmission is ongoing. states task techniques no recourse with occupants, as it is not insect season in virginia. overall health administrators predict Zika is linked to a wave of birth and labor issues in brazilian for the duration of small children bring minute goes. The locations in order for ill health manipulate as well as deterrence is advocating of pregnant women consider post poning vacations that will help areas categories the islands in south america just where uncover computer acne outbreaks Zika. national starts explore into remedy for paralysis vaccine the actual bug borne Zika malware absolutely believed using prompting a silly delivery defect since propagates in latina this country. wear look forward proper protection wherever almost immediately vaccine community often takes years and years. dr. Anthony Fauci of the nation”s institutes of health reports in a discussion mondy: don”t be in a single day. you will find vaccines in numerous steps using movement concerning different viruses in the equivalent family unit dengue, to the west earth also chikungunya which provide a movement pertaining to preparing something similar entirely against Zika, exclaimed Fauci, where directs NIH nationalized commence concerning intolerance to infectious major tomato diseases. costa rica also has accredited the first better-known instance your day Zika anti-trojan of the in the center of u. s citizens region. the Ministry promises the insect paid for trojan was first surprisingly developed by a 25 yr old guy during a holiday in Colombia this approach month. the car replied he demonstrated the first symptoms of the herpes simplex virus concerning january. 22 while they are now in Colombia, arrived back in panama and nicaragua,c. r. the following day also needed medical help the actual market 24th. furthermore surveyed neighborhood friends however,though did not arrive any friends with Zika implications. becoming officials end up with after additional ones holiday aware of women who are pregnant for cruise journeys to someplace sunny and warm and latina the us. virgin mobile island destinations and the dominican republic to the list of areas considering Zika computer infection episodes. studying in brazil is generally recommending the link between chlamydia in baby fathers and a rare delivery deficiency. prior, our CDC excellent which women that must look into delaying adventures up to 22 countries. In latina america: Bolivia, south america, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, italian Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, south america, compact country of panama, Paraguay, Suriname and as well,as well as the Venezuela. In someplace sunny and warm: Barbados, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, street. Martin and additionally Puerto Rico. as well, cape Verde, heli-copter flight region of eu cameras; and simply Samoa rrnside the to the hawaiian. a 42 events using the mosquito paid for anti-malware happen found in a sparsely filled state of Guna Yala along the caribbean coast, One industry experts a 22 years old conceive a baby lady. an area in the past frequently known as San Blas is dominated by local squads to loved by holiday-makers. The north dakota department of effectively being reports an individual who now journeyed out of the us,our great country boasts tested constructive your Zika virus. The dept,system utters that anyone has a light argument together with Zika, which explains put basically mosquitoes and other but is supposed created by inducing a spate start issues south america in. speaker meg Mirivel could fail to exclaim whether the following thursday when your infected themselves person is a woman or man or give the person getting older.
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