Дуучин Лэди Гага шинэ шивээсээ сугандаа хийлгэжээ

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Дуучин Лэди Гага шинэ шивээсээ сугандаа хийлгэжээ


For her fans: The singer had ”Mother Monster” and a paisley design inked in purple onto her armpit


Almost there: The words on the elaborate inking were then traced over with black ink


Protecting her modesty: Gaga was topless while her tattoo artist and friend Eric Gonzalez got to work


Is she running out of space?: The 28-year-old only gets tattoos on the left side of her body to respect her father”s wishes


Party time: Gaga is currently in Manchester where she celebrated the upcoming finale of her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball on Monday night

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