С.Жавхлангийн дээл Японы музейд тавигджээ

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С.Жавхлангийн дээл Японы музейд тавигджээ

УГЖ С.Жавхлан, Г.Эрдэнэчимэг нарын улаан, цагаан хоёр өнгийн дээл Японы олон үндэстний музейд тавигдсан байна. Энэ талаар Г.Эрдэнэчимэг цахим хуудастаа "Хамаг Монгол”-ын хаалтын тоглолт. 2013 он. Бид хоёрын энэ хоёр дээлийг Японы олон үндэстэний музейгээс гуйсаар байгаад, 2014 онд аваад явсан. Их хайртай гоё дээлүүд минь, монгол хувцсаа төлөөлөөд үг хэлэхгүй ч нэгийг бодогдуулаад л байж байгаа байх даа" хэмээн бичжээ.

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Mike We”re at university together avapro recallBecause transmission of rabies through organ transplants is so rare and so difficult to detect, experts say this case probably doesn’t warrant changes to the organ transplant screening protocols. teva atorvastatin pfizerMortgage refinancing made up more than 70 percent of U.S. home lending volume in the first half of 2013, but it has fallen to around 50 percent of lending and could fall further in coming months, Franklin Codel, Wells Fargo”s head of mortgage production, said in the memo. buy telmisartanThe verdict, which concluded that the doctor the company hired to care for the singer was not unfit for his job, capped a sensational five-month trial that was expected to shake up the way entertainment companies treat their most risky talent. redbak testovenom review”This transaction does not materially change the spectrumconcentration of incumbents in this country and therefore willnot diminish competition in our wireless sector,” IndustryMinister James Moore said in a statement. buy imitrex online canadaU.S. stocks dropped on Monday as the deadline approachedwithout any apparent progress in breaking the stalemate, givingthe S&P 500 its seventh decline in the last eight trading daysof September. However, some market participants viewed anypullback as a buying opportunity in the absence of an extendedshutdown.
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