Английн гэрэл зурагчны дуранд Монгол улс

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Английн гэрэл зурагчны дуранд Монгол улс

Английн гэрэл зурагчин Фредрик Лаграмна 2001 оноос хойш Монголын хөдөө нутгуудаар аялан  гэрэл зураг авсан бөгөөд тус бүтээлээ ном болгон гаргажээ. Түүний өвөө 1944 онд Францын дайнд тулалдаж яваад Герман цэргүүдэд олзлогдсон байна. Ийнхүү хоригдож байхад нь тухайн үед Оросын армийн талд тулалдаж байсан Монгол цэргүүд түүнийг олж сулласан байдаг бөгөөд Монгол цэргүүдийн тухай тэрээр цаг үргэлж ярьдаг байжээ. Үүнээс үүдэн Монгол улсыг ихэд сонирхох болсон зурагчин залуу 17 жилийн хугацаанд Монголд ирж сонирхолтой агшнуудыг камертаа буулгасан нь энэ ажээ. Түүний энэхүү бүтээлийг Английн "Daily Mail" сонин онцолж дэлхий дахинаа ийн Монгол улсыг сурталчилсан байна. Ингээд Фредрик Лаграмнагийн дуранд Монгол улс хэрхэн буусныг дараах гэрэл зургуудаас сонирхоцгооё. 


A Kazakh eagle hunter in full attire with fox skins from his past hunts and wearing traditional colourful patterned Kazakh trousers 


Khövsgöl Lake freezes over each winter, and to save time, many people just drive over it. However, on one occasion in February 2005  warmer conditions had made the ice weak and it collapsed when a truck drove over. Pictured is the rescue truck that came to free it. Frédéric says it shows the resilience and determination of the Mongol people


Two men Frédéric discovered lying drunk on Lake Khövsgöl in the country’s far north. He said that despite it being early in the morning, they had been drinking cheap vodka. This is his favourite shot


A picture of Khurlee, a driver, walking on the thick, solid ice of frozen Tolbo Lake in Western Mongolia. Frédéric shot this image one April at the beginning of Spring, one of the deadliest seasons in Mongolia becausetemperatures can shift from warm to freezing in just a few hours. Herders leave in the morning with light layers of clothes, and with a drastic drop in temperatures worsened by a strong wind chill typical during that time of the year, some herders who are unprepared, die of exposure to the freezing conditions


A driver runs away from his truck after it cracks the ice and begins to submerge on a semi-frozen Lake Khövsgöl in northern Mongolia 

A stunning aerial picture of the city of Khovd, which has been completely covered in snow and ice


A family in Mongolia with all of their belongings packed on to the back of a truck as they begin the 125-mile journey north to their winter camp. The cattle follow behind, led by elders. It takes this group over a week to walk to their destination

A local herder holds up a sheep he is about to shear on the banks of Uureg Nuur Lake


A father and his child inside their yurt


When Frédéric was stranded in a snow storm in western Mongolia he took refuge inside a yurt. There he was offered tea, cheese and other sweet delicacies


Two Mongolian women share a snack inside a cafe. Frederic, who is French but now lives in New York, first visited Mongolia in 2001 after being mesmerised by stories of the country told by his grandfather


Wrestlers training for the Nadam festival in Ulaan Baatar


One of the first people that Frederic made friends with on his visit. He”s smoking a cigarette made from an old newspaper


A Mongol herder drinks a cup of mare milk tea


A young boy poses for the camera at a railway station in Mongolia


Rural workers in Mongolia get to work building a yurt. Frederic”s pictures are a mixture of portraits and dramatic landscapes


A woman on horseback brings a horse back to camp in the Orkhon valley, Central Mongolia


Another horse herder in one of Frederic”s favourite parts of Western Mongolia, Üüreg Lake


A group of hunters, on horseback, ride across the snowy landscape, hoping to catch eagles, in what is a 5,000-year-old tradition. Most of central Asia freezes over in the winter


Two girls play on a motorbike near Ureeg Nuur Lake in western Mongolia. Frédéric says the locals here are ”very friendly”


Frédéric says that most people in the Mongolian countryside live in traditional Mongol yurts. In towns and cities, they live in Soviet-era buildings


Frédéric says that one of the most scenic and serene places in Western Mongolia is the beautiful Tolbo Lake, pictured, in the Bayan Ölgii Province


Another scenic shot of Lake Tolbo. Frédéric said: ”I remember just seating down, lost in thoughts, gazing into the landscape, surrounded by complete silence but for the sound of the soft flapping wings of swans in the distance, migrating to warmer lands”


Camels graze in the vast landscape near Üüreg Lake in western Mongolia


A horse stands on the shores of Uureg Nuur Lake in western Mongolia. Frederic”s photo series of Mongolia has now been published in a new book, which costs $265


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